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Message to the World from Daitokuji Teruaki
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2012 Message

Vol.1Time of Rebirth

The world may seem like it's in a state of turmoil, but nothing bad is about to happen. The world is going through a rebirth. The season for us to be reborn is upon us. When that time comes, what is most important is whether or not you have a good heart.
No matter what, rebirth is a joyous event. Do not curse that which is put before you; consider all things to be good. If you do not get upset, take your time, and learn, disaster will not befall you. Misfortune is something we make with our hearts. We meet with it in haste. Slowly, ever so slowly, elevate yourself and proceed.

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Vol.2Absolute Power

God has given to all of us all absolute power. However, the trouble is that we do not all have absolute faith. It’s not enough to half believe, or trust only a little bit. Our hearts must lean on God one hundred percent. Why do children, when they get a small wound, heal? Because they have absolute trust in their parents. It’s not just children’s vitality or their resilience. It’s because they truly lean on their parents. They trust their parents fully. They are born already having been Heaven-taught to believe.

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Vol.3A Good and Pure Heart

God’s teachings take away bitterness. If we remove the bitterness from within each of us, then the things that make us feel bitter disappear as well. Like draws to like, and the same goes for people who have bitter hearts. They call out, “Come, come, let me make you even more bitter.”
If you are of good and pure heart, those you attract will also be of good and pure heart. They will circle around you, saying, “Come, come, let us surround you with goodness and pureness of heart.” And you will have nothing in this world to fear.

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Vol.4Surrender it to God

Let us do away with “self”. There are some people who believe that they are helping others, when they are really just acting on their own behalf. “I did this for you,” “Look at what I’ve done for you,” “See, I am helping you,” they gloat..... But it is all for self.
Those who truly know God, do not need to talk about how they help people; they simply say that they are putting people in touch with God.
Simply connecting people with God. When we do that, we do not defile ourselves. There is no pain or difficulty. Just surrender it all to God.

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If you have a heart to help others, you are ultimately helping yourself. If you can't find happiness, it's because you don't make others happy. If you can't smile, it's because you don't make others smile. If you're not fulfilled, it's because you're not fulfilling others.
How can something grow if you don't sow the seeds? There can be no fruits of your labor without the labor.
But, just by realizing this, you'll find happiness, health, and fulfillment for the first time. Sow the seeds.  Give the people of this world what they need. If you want to be happy, make others happy. If you want to smile, make others smile. If you want to be beautiful, sow the seeds of a beautiful heart. By doing that, you will surely find happiness. If you want to be healthy, do your best to help others become healthy.
It’s important to be a doer of good works. Don't be afraid. Put absolute trust in God, and act with absolute faith. And, surely the path will open up for you. But first, start with what you can do.

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Vol.6Not Giving Up

God waits months, years, even decades, for us to grow.  God doesn’t give up.  God believes that we will one day grow.  God believes in us so much, in fact, that God gives us “rebirth”.  “Perhaps in the next life, or in the life after that, or maybe in about 5,000 years”…… God never gives up.  How could we, with a parent who never gives up, ever give up ourselves?  How could we, with a parent who believes in us so, and empowers us, ever not believe?  How could we, with a parent who had the courage to open up the world to us, ever not be courageous?  Not giving up, that’s what’s important.

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Vol.7Heaven's Ambassadors

All of us are from Heaven, we have been sent here on assignment.  That is exactly why we should be happy in the place where we are right now, we all have important jobs to do.  Let’s cherish the people around us right where we are, and be considerate of others right where we are.  As children of God, we should do good works right where we are.
Do not be afraid.  If you find yourself faced with new task, don’t let worry set in before you even start.  Perform that task in a way that make others think, “It’s a good thing that person was here.”  To trouble yourself and think, “I wonder if it’s going to be okay,” is arrogant.  We are all here on assignment from Heaven, and that is how we should feel.  We are Heaven’s ambassadors.

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Vol.8Help each other to stand

When one of your legs is injured, the other leg has to work even harder, in order to protect the hurt leg. We tend to only care about the hurt leg. But, our legs need to work together to walk, right? So, the other leg does whatever it can to support the injured leg. Don't just tell the hurt leg, "Hurry up and heal." Be sure to say thank you to that leg that's doing all of the work. Express your appreciation for the great job that it's doing. Nothing is independent; everything connects in a mutually beneficial way.  Showing consideration for those who support an elderly person in your family, an old mother or a grandmother, who needs care, is very important.
We may think about the elderly and the afflicted, but it would help us greatly to love those who support them. That is true love. The efforts of people who support are truly felt. Feel the importance, the depth of support. This is what it means to "Help each other to stand".

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Remember back to when you were little, when your mom or dad told you, "Don't do that," or "Treat that with some respect." That was actually their deep love for you. "Buy me that." "OK." That is not love. To love is to teach. Nowadays, we don't give our children enough real love, so they don't grow. How about you? Do you give enough love? Many parents, when asked this question say, "I give my children money." "I'm sending them to private school." "I make sure that they have clothes on their backs, I'm showering them with love." But, is all of that really love? Love is teaching. To love, you must teach. It's easy to hand them money, and material things, but it takes some effort to teach. The reason is that you have to teach them virtue.

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When many people think about "tariki-hongan", the Buddhist concept of reliance on others for help, they think that it means being a careless namby-pamby person who just does what others say, but they'd be wrong. To rely on others means to strive to make the best of, believe in rejoice in, be thankful for, and trust everyone. "Hongan" is the effort necessary to go to the pure land. Entrusting everything tWe may think about the elderly and the afflicted, but, it would help us greatly to love those who support them.
o a God you can't see, that's "Hongan" . So, tariki-hongan type effort means to do things with faith. When you have faith, see everything you do through to its end. That is how you'll get real power. Believing. I said believing. Turn your heart on to absolute power, and do good. That is important.

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Vol.11True Prosperity

In this world we are bombarded with news of terrifying events. Yet, God gave us the splendid virtue of heart, so that we might help each other, honor each other, and love each other.
Brothers are supposed to get along with each other and help each other, yet they kill each other. Couples who vowed to cherish each other through thick and thin, instead, kill each other. Is this how it was meant to be?
Of course not. Virtue is disappearing, disappearing from our hearts. Our world seems to flourish, with our technological advancements, and so on, but is this really prosperity?
Is making it in the world prosperity? Not in the eyes of God, it isn't. Prosperity is having a heart overflowing with goodness. The world is prosperous when people put their hearts together and say, “We helped each other so much. We really opened up to one another.”
Even if your family lives in a one-room shack, you should smile and be warm, cheerful, and giving to one another. There's a children's song called “Mother's Hands” (Kaasan no uta in Japanese) about a mother stays up all night to knit a pair of mittens for her child. They weren't much to look at, but to that child, there was nothing else more valuable in the world. That the child will cherish those mittens is prosperity. Prosperity is everyone sharing with each other, keeping each other warm, and believing in one another. That is prosperity.

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Vol.12Love Polish

We’re faced with many things in our lives – illness, distress – and in the midst of that, we receive
God’s grace.  We are polished because God has given us his love.  Love helps us grow out of our naivety
and immaturity.  Because there is love, we have the will to keep trying, no matter what circumstances
we encounter.  So don’t think about things negatively, polish yourself with love.  Being considerate of
others, caring about others, caring for the children, to polish yourself is to have the power to polish
others.  Free your mind from anxiety.

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