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Message to the World from Daitokuji Teruaki
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2013 Message

Vol.1Where the Future is Bright

Many say that “The world is full of evil”, but I want you to live in a world which is “full of good”.  A “world full of good”, where “light is just around the corner”.  That is the world I want you to live in.  Stop trying to figure everything out, just be still.  Overthinking everything takes you farther and farther away from that world.  Forsake yourself for once, and get rid of the excess.  So much stuff in our hearts, gets us hung up, and becomes an invitation for evil.  The world that “is full of evil” is a world that we create. Strip it all away.  Become naked, become a fool.  Let everything fall away, and you will find yourself in a world where the light is always on.

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Vol.2Live Life with Aspiration

Live your life with aspiration.  Aspiration?  That’s a big word.  But what it means is not difficult at all.  Smile and do your best; speak kind words; say, “Good morning”; say, “Yes”; ……That’s all.  Living life with a smile, that’s an aspiration.  Being thankful, that’s an aspiration.  So, what is your aspiration?  Make the decision, each one of you.  It’s not about trying to become famous, or accomplish something incredible. Living your life with aspiration, that’s what’s important.

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Vol.3Important People

Nobody wants to be hated. But a person who will caution us for our own good, in spite of the possibility of being hated, is a very important person to have around. You can't forget that. Not even parents or siblings want to be hated. What if you didn't care about those who put their heart and soul into guiding us? Having yes-men who always agree with everything you say isn't always a good thing. God always places someone wonderful next to us. It may be your spouse, may be your children, perhaps it's a friend, it could be a teacher. Don't hate that person.

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Vol.4The Road to Heaven

Parents are raised by their children. Just as children are raised by their parents. There is a mutual nurturing that takes place.
We can learn a lot from our children. When we raise our children, we experience so much. And through our children we are made better. A young woman who once knew nothing of patience and long-suffering, through her children, learns self-control and tolerance. She becomes refined. It is a truly wonderful thing. Raising children is the way to heaven. So always praise your children, and your children will praise you as well.

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Vol.5All Good Things

All of us came to know God’s teachings through a variety of circumstances; sickness, tragedy, we all needed help for so many things. However, these things were catalysts for us to be introduced to the teachings of God.
 When you think about it like that, there is not one thing in this world that is bad. You mustn’t look at anything as being bad. No matter what happens, never let go of God’s hand.
God and God’s teachings are one in the same. Think positively, always hold fast to the teachings of God, keep them close, lean on them for support, and there will never be anything that you will not be able to overcome.

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Vol.6The Solicitude of People

Doctors may do all sorts of tests and still never know it, but all of us have ticking time bombs inside of us. Some of us are greedy, some of us are impatient, but none of the world’s physicians have come up with a medical test for things like greed or impatience. When you think about it, these also are like illnesses. The people afflicted can even spread unhappiness to others around them. Since there’s no way to test for these illnesses, we can’t send those who need it in for treatment, right?
                When you think about it, it is true. There is no way to quantify numerically human solicitude, but it has a direct negative or positive impact on our lives. As such, it is what we must most strive to make right.

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Vol.7Our Ancestors

Each and every one of us owes the lives we live to our ancestors who had to overcome so much. And without them, we would not be.
Our ancestors are our parents. We owe them our respect. Having respect is very important. With respect to having respect, the world is in the shape it is in because we don’t have enough of it. The world is in the shape it is in because so many of us act like we raised ourselves. That we are able to have a job and nice things, is because our ancestors connect our lives together. And our ancestors lived their lives as benefactors of the strength of many.
When you look at it like that, we are all here today because of mutual assistance.

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Vol.8God's Love

God does not exist in some far-off and distant place. God is always in our hearts, protecting us.
                        When we are so sad, so lonely, and can’t help but cry, God is there crying with us. When things get so hard for us that we don’t know what to do, God is there tarrying with us. And when we are so joyful that we want to shout, “Hooray!” God is there, hands raised right there with us. We are God’s children, and God loves us all. Know that.

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