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Message to the World from Daitokuji Teruaki
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2014 Message

Vol.1True Prayer

Enjoying life is prayer. Living a fulfilled life is prayer. Saying ‘thank you’ for this moment we have been given is true prayer. Giving thanks for what we have now is the most wonderful prayer we can say to our unseen God, and to our ancestors. Let us live and appreciate fully what our parents worked so hard to give us. Doing that, we will truly receive that invisible power. Let us rejoice. When we rejoice, all things will be open unto us, and we will be made whole once again.

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Vol.2Riding on Today

We all possess great power, courage, and a variety of abilities. But, so often we expend those abilities on things that happened in the past, or on things that won’t matter until tomorrow, or the next day, or in ten or a hundred years from now. It’s as if we are meeting trouble halfway, as they say. While we all have great power, we waste it all too often. We cannot take back things that happened in the past that we feel ashamed about by wishing they never happened.
We are riding the here-and-now, we must focus on that. A train that has already left the station isn’t going to bring us anything. Likewise, it does us no good to dream of what we’ll be next year, or ten, thirty, forty, or fifty years from now. Unless we spend our energy on what’s right in front of us, nothing will happen. Cherish the present, that is what’s important.

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Vol.3Get Free

When we are released from the various bonds that hold us captive, we will find that all sorts of troubles and ailments have disappeared. We ourselves create those troubles and ailments within us. We are convinced that we are a certain way, but if we take a step back and look, perhaps we will notice that“there was more potential.”“there was a much better way.”
      Do not be held captive. What I mean is we are putting ourselves in a prison we don’t have to be in. And even though God is saying to us, “Come out, I have put the key right next to you,”we insist on having things our way, and we remain in prison. We are being held captive.
          We must become free. Open the prison door and come out, and you will see a wide-open world come into view. 

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Vol.4Our World is on Loan

Everything in this world is borrowed. We all know how fragile borrowed things can be. That is why we handle them with care. We should not damage things that are on loan to us, because one day we will have to return things we borrow. And if we damage them, we will be expected to pay to have them fixed. Our children, our spouses, our friends, they are all borrowed too. Our words can cut like knives. Harsh words, cold words, nasty remarks, they hurt. So do not hurt your loved ones. Treat them gently.
          If you borrowed a book from the library and returned it ripped all to shreds, the librarian would surely get angry with you, right? She would tell you, “This belongs to everyone, so don’t damage it.”Always handle borrowed books with care, and return them in good condition. The world is no different. Everything around us is on loan to us, our families, our friends, our property, everything. We must put them to good use. This is very important.

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Vol.5Turn on the light.

When it is dark, we should turn on the lights. People today have forgotten that they should turn on the lights when it gets dark. That is why it is still dark. There is a switch right next to us. We just need to be courageous enough to turn it on. What if there was a problem, and we found ourselves in a dark place, but we got scared, and didn’t turn on the light. We would forever be in darkness. But God has placed the light switch in the closest possible place to us. Let’s be courageous enough to turn on that switch. It will make everything brighter.
      When it is dark is precisely when we should smile, when we should be happy. When it is dark is precisely when we should turn on the light. When there is light, we take it for granted that the light is on. But, when we find ourselves in a perilous situation, let’s turn on the light. Light the lamp in your heart, and let it shine through brightly. This is important.

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Vol.6The Way to Virtue

“Arrgh, this sucks!” is what people say when they are faced with an unpleasant situation. But do they understand that the words they speak can affect the world around them? That’s right, they are actively pushing themselves into a world of discontentment, which sucks. ‘Self’ is the part of you that makes you feel as if you are missing out on something, and discontented. And when you listen to that ‘self’, who ultimately loses out? You do. When you get angry and cross at the various situations you encounter, it is actually you who is missing out. To become virtuous, it is important to think virtuously. It is important that you always take on every situation with a positive frame of mind.

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Vol.7Savor life

Are you all really tasting everything life has to offer? Or, are you just swallowing it? We all know what happens when you just swallow food without taking time to chew, right? You get indigestion. Many people read books, and get a smattering knowledge of something, and believe they know something, without really having digested it. They get indigestion. They live life sour-faced. They talk the fine talk, but do not walk the walk. How dyspeptic. Take time to chew, savor, and swallow. This will allow you to build up your strength. When situations arise, take time to think, to feel, to savor, and then speak. This is very important.

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Vol.8A Fresh Heart

When you go to a greengrocer or a fruit stand, what kind of things do you buy? You buy fresh, of course. No one buys rotten vegetables or rotten fruit, right? You wouldn’t even consider purchasing something rotten, would you? The offerings of food to God we often see in temples and shrines [here in Japan] is fresh. You wouldn’t present anything rotten as an offering to God. No, you’d offer something that is thoughtful and heartfelt. The same goes for our hearts, do not allow yourself to sour and become spoiled. Always maintain a fresh heart. This is very important.

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Vol.9Where your Heart Lives.

Perceiving the events that unfold in your life as ‘negative’, an ‘affront’, or ‘deception’ will plunge  your heart into a hellish abyss, a place that will consume you. It is a world of people obsessed with covetousness, greed, and selfishness. Heaven, on the other hand, is a place of giving. It is a place to be thankful for everything that is put before us. So where does your heart live, at the intersection of anguish and suffering, or on the corner of harmony and paradise? Get in touch with your heart, and feel where you reside. That is very important.

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