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Message to the World from Daitokuji Teruaki
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2015 Message


Vol.1Everything is on Loan

People worry too much about all sorts of things. They become constrained by their hurt, their suffering, or something terrible they perceive as happening to them. People go through life obsessing about so much. They are so constantly focused on material possessions and appearances, that they become enslaved.
Let’s do away with sickness. Let’s do away with suffering. Let’s do away with all of our burdens. Truly do away with them. And then, rejoice in that we have been given life.
When people get a hold of something, they don’t want to let go of it, they don’t want to lose it. So much so that if they were dangling from a cliff holding that thing, and God was there with a rope saying, “Grab a hold,” they would say, “No, I don’t want to lose it.” And they would fall.
It is times like that that we should let go. Let go and let God. We all have become prisoners to the things and ideas we have. God is trying to tell us that everything in this world is on loan from God. Our brothers and sisters, our parents, our property, and even our very lives are on loan from God. What is the one and only thing that belongs to us? Our hearts. That’s right, it’s our hearts and our souls.

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Vol.2Feast on God's Teachings

All of us are spiritual beings. We have souls, we have life, and it is that soul, that spirit that moves us. But we have forgotten about our soul. We can’t see it, yet it moves us.
If you said to a physician, “Show me life”, could he do it? Not even the world’s greatest physician would be able to show you life itself. But nevertheless, an invisible force gives us life. It is the spirit, God’s spirit, by which we live. So how do we make spirit of God stronger within us? Is it material possessions? Is it money? Is it food?
That’s right, it’s feasting on the teachings of God. God’s teachings, pure thoughts, and pure actions will strengthen God’s spirit within.

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Vol.3The Shape of Your Heart

Why is it, do you think, people experience loss? It’s because people try to calculate the company they keep. What I mean by calculate is, steal from. They are trying to figure out how much they can get, and what’s in it for them.
If you approach someone, not calculating, but with an attitude that says, “You have given me so much happiness, and so many experiences, I am so happy and so grateful, I would do anything for you.” they’ll want to find a use for you; they might offer you a job. They might put you in touch with other people. And if you were good, they might call on you personally. It’s all about the shape of our hearts. Remembering how good just seeing someone’s face makes you feel, and calling on him or her, that is what can make the world a better place. That is what can make the world richer.

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Vol.4Praise One Another

Praise one another, it may take courage, praise and lift up one another. To praise one another is to lift up one another. To praise one another is to forgive one another. Having the courage to forgive can be an extremely difficult thing to do. It is difficult, but it is uplifting. Forgive your husband, forgive your children, forgive all wrongs, and lift up one another. Do that, and your heart will start to shine.
Sometimes you may want to cry. Sometimes you may be so angry you want to scream. But even in those times, by praising, your heart will be lifted up. Your eyes will be opened to the good, and mind will become disciplined. Your brothers and sisters, your friends, no matter how close human beings are, they will bicker and fight. That is what cultivates us. Humans can only be cultivated by other humans. You are like a diamond that can only be polished by another diamond. People cultivate other people. It is not by the Internet or by our cell phones that we are polished. It is by the words, and it is by the hearts of others that we are polished.

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