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Message to the World from Daitokuji Teruaki
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2016 Message

Vol.1Every day, a Newborn

First, thank God, our parent, for a truly great day. Before I begin speaking, I start by giving thanks for today, by giving thanks to God. This is very important. All of you, before you begin anything, like when you just wake up in the morning, start the day by giving thanks.
All people return to heaven at night, and in the morning, are sent back to this world. If that is true, how old does that make us?
Since all of you have either just been born or are being born, the shape of your heart should be as such. Be constantly thankful anew. Renewal is important.

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Vol.2Respect your Respective Souls

The reason people get hung up on and struggle with so many things is that they compare themselves to their neighbors, and to other people, and feel sad for themselves. The neighbors experience happiness as well as sadness just like everyone else. Even parents and their children, even siblings, each has their own soul, hence, their own way of thinking.
                It is arrogant to assume that everyone thinks like us. The same goes for couples. It is conceited of you to think that your husband absolutely thinks the same way you do. Don’t be prideful. Pride leads to dissention. When you don’t understand your partner, and are not understood by your partner, you may have a falling out with them, accusing them of “having changed”. Each of you has your own soul.

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Vol.3The Power of Love

Because we love a person is precisely why we may stand at odds with that person. Because we love a person is precisely why we may fight with that person. Because we share that love with each other, we refine each other. The reason people get angry and cross with each other is because they care for each other. When you find that you want to see someone whom you thought you’d never want to see again, it means that you love and care for that person. God has given us the wonderful power of love, so that we might refine each other.
                Brothers and sisters, children and parents, everyone has their own soul. And through the bonds of love we are refined. The same goes for our friends. Even when we part ways with someone thinking to ourselves, “I’ve had it with this person. I don’t want to see this person ever again,” we will want to see that person again. That is how love refines us. When you think about it like that, love is a wonderful force.

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Vol.4Happiness Awareness

People who want to be happy, first need to believe that they already are. People who want to be all right, first need to believe that they already are. But for people who think someday they’ll be happy, someday seems to never come. Consciously and deliberately affirm to yourself, “I am healthy now, I am happy now”. By your awareness, health and happiness will be manifested.

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Vol.5Blessings in Disguise

God tells us to give thanks for everything that happens in our lives. Why is that? People only give thanks when something fortunate for them happens. If a person wins the lottery, for example, they might say “Thank you! I knew this was God’s will for me.” But they’re not likely to stop and consider the fact that winning the lottery could cause them to stop working which could lead to other problems in the future. Now then, let us change our way of thinking. Let’s say a person gets sick. Until now, that person may never have had any interest in the things of God. But, because of that illness, they come to know God, and 10-20 years down the road live in prosperity as a result.
So, something that you may consider unfortunate may be, from God’s point of view, just the “blessing” you need at the time. Bear this in mind, be aware, rejoice and receive God’s blessing.

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Vol.6Seeds of Happiness

Happiness manifests itself in our lives by our own affirmation, not by having our prayers answered. Just having our prayers answered as if by magic is like have a sweet gumdrop. Sure, it tastes delicious, but that sweet taste won’t last for 10-20 years. The happiness you get by truly affirming to yourself is like a seed, nurtured until it grows, producing an entire field of happiness. In this way, you’ll reap a bountiful harvest all through your life. Affirmation is a seed, a seed that when sown, will thrive, if we’d only believe.

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