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Message to the World from Daitokuji Teruaki
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2019 Message


Vol.1Seeing with your Heart

The reason we all make mistakes is because we are always trying to see. Things go wrong because we try to see with our eyes, looking for something concrete. In order to know what is real, quietly close your eyes, and feel with your heart.
                What’s real cannot be seen with the eyes. None of us can see life, right? None of us can see cordiality. Let us not be fooled by what we can see. For example, some look at enormous shrines and temples, and see God’s power. But, perhaps it is the small street corner shrines that really offer protection to the town.
                 See with your heart. Feel. That is why we have God’s teachings. God’s teaching will show us what is real.

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Vol.2When All is Calm 

During difficult times, during tough times, we lean on God. But when everything is OK, when all is calm, we think that everything we accomplish is through our own strength.
                It’s like driving. When we first get our licenses, we drive very carefully. But, once we consider ourselves to be veteran drivers, our vision isn’t as keen, and that is why we have more accidents.
                Life is no different. Just when you consider yourself to be a veteran, that is when you need to be careful. When all is calm, that is when we should draw even closer to God. God and God’s teachings are one in the same. It is from God’s word that we receive strength.

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